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Before contacting the aBlogtoWatch team please be advised of the following points. While we don’t make it a point to state the obvious, after enough misguided e-mails it has proven useful to communicate the following:

aBlogtoWatch is like an internet magazine and is not itself a watch retailer, parts supplier, or repair facility. Unless specifically mentioned as part of a special promotion or partnership – as much as we’d love your money – we don’t sell anything.

Our team members do not offer appraisal services, nor are we experts in what your grandfather’s watch is worth, when it was made, or where you can sell it for the best price.

Only you can decide which watch is best to purchase. We will not tell you what watches to buy and certainly cannot guess your budget, taste, or any other factors involved in the very personal decision of buying a watch. If you need help deciding what watch to buy and are looking for options, then please search through aBlogtoWatch reviews and articles to learn more about what timepieces are available. Need more help? Allow us to suggest you participate in watch forum discussions on sites like (among others) where the friendly members can perhaps offer you community suggestions on what timepiece may be right for you.

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