Executive Assistant @ aBlogtoWatch

aBlogtoWatch, a major internet magazine about contemporary wristwatch enthusiasm, is seeking an Executive Assistant for its owner and founder. He is a busy professional with a hectic schedule who juggles a wide variety of tasks, projects, and obligations. The Executive Assistant should be highly familiar with the operation/world of digital media publications and present a strong desire to nurture and facilitate company goals. This is a full-time, remote position in Los Angeles, CA for someone who can establish a history of comfort with; working autonomously, handling large responsibilities, following-through with pending projects, being patient, professionally communicating, eagerness to learn new things, and a strong desire to promote team success.

The ideal Executive Assistant candidate will have little difficulty shadowing the actions and conversations of the company owner, in order to keep themselves abreast of the most current discussions and to properly manage his schedule and priorities. Being able to learn on the job while maintaining a healthy curiosity for new topics, projects, and people will be necessary for a positive experience.

The Executive Assistant will be expected to assist aBlogtoWatch’s founder in all areas that he is involved with including (but not limited to); project management, appointment scheduling, participation in meetings and note taking, shadowing e-mail threads, social media management, keeping track of a diverse roster of team members, colleagues, and industry personalities, booking travel, producing media content such as photography and video, communicating on behalf of the founder, and general problem solving and attendance to errands.

Adapting to the company owner’s work style and communication preferences is a necessary element of this job. The Executive Assistant should operate as a “miniature-me version” of the company owner, able to follow his lead while being sensitive to his habits and expectations. While it is not necessary for the Executive Assistant to maintain the exact same working hours as the founder, he tends to work mainly during PST PM afternoons and nights. More so, while this is a mostly-remote position, there will be in-person expectations from time to time including meeting with team members, attending events, and driving to meetings or errands around town.

aBlogtoWatch was founded in 2007 as a hobbyist website and became a full-time business in 2009. Today the business has a diverse team that includes media professionals and technical experts. aBlogtoWatch publishes new content on a daily basis and has a catalog of well over 10,000 published articles as well as thousands of videos and a virtually limitless volume of original visual content. Its content production team is frequently traveling and includes seasoned professionals with a variety of specialized media skills who come from a range of backgrounds but who all share a passion for the topic of timepieces. Mature, self-driven professionals accustomed to creating their own processes to achieve needed outcomes and goals thrive in the company’s unrestrictive, open environment. Success will be measured by the Executive Assistant’s ability to speed up projects and processes while freeing up time and bandwidth for the founder through delegating tasks and taking project leadership initiative. A natural tendency to nurture those around them and the drive to facilitate reaching team goals, are all values aBlogtoWatch is seeking in a candidate.

aBlogtoWatch team members are hired as independent contractors with competitive pay and a popular flexible work policy. On behalf of the entire team, aBlogtoWatch welcomes interested candidates to apply for this position with a resume and cover letter explaining their interest in the job and why they feel they would be a good fit. Thank you.

  • In about 500 words or so, please tell us a little about yourself, and why you'd make a good fit as our Executive Assistant here at aBlogtoWatch

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